Baniyas Restaurants Management L.LC

At Baniyas Restaurants Management L.LC, the subsidiary of Baniyas Investment & Development Company, we help accelerate the newly established businesses having growth potential and intellectual leadership, to grow faster. We strive to create value for all the stakeholders by facilitating the businesses across several industries to develop a successful track record, capture a significant customer base and earn impressive returns on their investments.

The expert and industry specialized team at Baniyas Restaurants Management L.LC streamlines the strategic management of the companies, providing them complete assistance for business operations, development and growth. The businesses mainly across Food & Beverages, Leisure, Entertainment & Retail industry account for our major client base in the U.A.E, in particular Abu Dhabi, which has been getting our complete support for organic expansion and horizontal or vertical acquisition.

Some of the prominent projects successfully led by Baniyas Restaurants Managemen include Sachwich Restaurant, Pasta Tutti Giorni Restaurants and Zayzafoun Restaurants etc.